Wellington Primary School is a popular neighborhood school located in Sembawang. The project called for the total overhaul of the existing systems from audio to stage lighting to projection and even the digital signage system.

Projection System
The projection system consists of a main projector in the control room projecting to the 6 metre screen on stage. It is flanked by two smaller projectors projecting onto the sidewalls. The original setup was not ideal as computer signals from the stage can only be projected on the main projector while inputs from the control room are projected only to the side projectors. In addition, there were video announcements made from the General Office that could only be displayed on 4 TVs within the hall.

It was obvious the existing  setup was not how the system  was supposed to work. We wanted the system to be more flexible by making every input signals available on every displays. We started re-cabling the input and output cables such that any signals could be routed to any projector with ease; even video announcements could now be displayed on any projector.

Audio System
When we dismantled the old system, we knew it was an excellent opportunity to relocate the main speakers. Proper placement of speakers is paramount to the success of any audio system. Choosing the right equipment comes a close second. We chose four (4) units of 15” 600W loudspeakers to provide coverage to the entire hall. Powered by Class D power amplifiers the output is clear and transparent for speech; however when pushed hard on musical tracks, it will unleash loud thumping bass with no hint of distortion.

Instead of a regular audio mixer, we chose a digital unit to simplify operations and ease of use with Preset scenes. This feature was most useful when alternating between regular assembly setup and different performance requirements.

Our approach to system design is to always keep the user in mind. Our company’s motto ‘Keeping It Simple’ ensures our system is easily operable.

Project Completed: January 2014