Located along Mandai Road, the complex is the final resting place for some of our deceased beloved.
The original audio system for the halls were wall mounted PA speakers and a dynamic gooseneck microphone on the podium. These audio system did not do justice to the beautifully built service halls.

The project called to upgrade the audio system that is ‘semi permanent’. The equipment racks and speakers are required to be mobile and can be swapped between the halls with identical patch and operations. Audio feeds from the four halls are sent to the FCC room for monitoring.

Service Halls
The design of the four service halls are identical with a very high front ceiling that lowers towards the rear of the hall. Speaker placements is crucial to over come echos due to the huge and high empty spaces at the front.To overcome this issue, the selected loudspeakers with its unique multi-angle cabinet were made to sit like a floor monitor but faced backward towards the wall. This allow the audio to ‘reflect’ off the walls with no direct harshness though the room narrows toward the back. Special consideration were made to raise the speaker to accommodate splashing water during certain ceremony.

To achieve natural voice reinforcement, we equipped the podium with a slim design gooseneck condenser microphone. Unlike the existing dynamic gooseneck mic that requires a fairly large mic head, the new mics is inconspicuous and picks up the voice naturally.

Our approach to system design is to always keep the user in mind. Our company’s motto ‘Keeping It Simple’ ensures our system is easily operated by both students and teachers. Project Completed: February 2011