Guangyang Secondary School

 Multi-Purpose Hall

The audio system for the MPH was way due for a major overhaul. There were only two speakers and a sub-woofer for the entire hall. It became  apparent that audio distribution was uneven being too loud at the front, too soft at the rear and ‘dead’ in the middle section in front of the stage. There were wireless receivers with missing transmitters, broken antennas and a blown sub-woofer suspended high above the stage.

We proposed using 4 units of 12” full range speakers located in the front and mid-way for even sound distribution in this wide hall. The speakers placed mid-way to serve the back section of the hall allowed us to reduce the audio level to the front speakers.  With this new arrangement students will not be ‘blasted’ even if seated near any speakers. Perched high above the stage, the sub-woofer was replaced and we added a pair of smaller speakers to serve as front fills. The angle for the front fills were critical as we wanted them to cover only the audience area in front of the stage.  This area is where the VIPs sit and yet it is the worst location in the hall as the main speakers do not provide the coverage. A pair of 8” full range loudspeaker effectively corrects this issue. The outcome was what we expected; even and thorough coverage throughout the entire hall with the sub-woofer providing a solid bottom end to music even when played at low levels.

The original power amplifiers were still in working conditions and we retained them to power the 4 main speakers. We setup the power amplifier in bridged-mode to deliver a stunning 1,500W to drive the new 18” sub-woofers. A  digital power amplifier was the ideal power partner for the front fills.

The system gets the new 32 channels mixer with direct iPod and USB interface. New AUDIO-TECHNICA wireless handheld microphones were also added.  The selectable frequencies allow us to choose one that does not clash with the existing receivers, thus allowing both the new and old to work simultaneously. For the podium microphone, we chose the  world renown AUDIO-TECHNICA U857QL gooseneck microphone.  The elegant and slim-line design coupled with it’s cardiod pickup pattern makes it arguably one of the best podium microphones in the market. Finally a wireless base for the gooseneck mic allow it to be used anywhere throughout the stage and hence not restricted by the length of any microphone cables.