National Library Board – Orchard Gateway

This library, in the heart of Orchard Road, occupies two floors at 313 @Somerset. The full glass panels allow plenty of natural light, giving the library a sense of space despite the multiple rows of bookshelves.The AV system at level three has to be equipped with the necessary interface for all types of AV signals. It must be user friendly and accommodate the room combination possibilities as well.

To date, this is one of the most versatile systems we have ever installed. The three rooms have dividing glass panels that allow up to 6 different room combinations. It can be used as three single rooms, one big room or a combination of any two rooms.  Regardless of the room combination selected, the AV system will route all related signal correctly to the room.

We created a dynamic user interface based around the iPad mini. The control pages will update automatically whenever the room configuration is changed. Another unique feature of the control system allow the user to select the input devices and assign them accordingly. So, if the user is using Room 1 & 2 and requires wireless presentation via his tablet, the control pages will only show the available devices and selection for this configuration. The user can also control the window blinds and room lighting presets to create the perfect projection environment, all with a touch of the wireless interface.

The AV system is so well hidden that unless they are used, all the equipment is out of sight. All the projectors and screens are recessed above the ceiling board while the main equipment is in the adjacent AV room. Full range ceiling speakers rated at 60W are used to maintain a high level of speech intelligibility and musical fidelity. Despite being ceiling mounted, there is no compromise to the audio quality; in fact the distribution and coverage improves as this is a relatively long room with low ceiling height.

This integrated AV system was completed in October 2014.

Our approach to system design is to always keep the user in mind. Our company‚Äôs motto ‘Keeping It Simple’ ensures our system is easily operable.