Rigel Innovation Centre

Rigel Innovation Centre is located in Changi Business Park and houses the company’s headquarter and showroom. We were appointed to set up their Audio Visual System, Background Music System and the Digital Signage System.


The 20-seater boardroom boasts an intelligent AV system that offers the flexibilty of either presenting to a large screen TV or an overhead projector. User can connect their laptop to input receptacles that are incorporated into the conference table or opt to present wirelessly using their mobile devices.

Low-profile table-top boundary microphones are placed along the conference table and connected to an Automatic Digital Mixing (ADM) system.  The ADM regulates and optimises the microphone’s sensitivity to  maximise gain before feedback.  Unlike conventional microphones, there is no physical activation switch. The microphones will switch on automatically when spoken into and switches off when it senses that no one is speaking into it. This allows every delegate participating in the conference to be heard clearly.

Digital Signage

We chose a powerful digital media player with superior scaling technology and uncompromised decoding power to playback stellar videos in full HD. The players are located in the reception, showroom and general office area. Powerful and intuitive software allow users to create multi-zone displays with playback schedule. They can be easily set up such that the TVs display the same or different content.

Our approach to system design is to always keep the user in mind. Our company’s motto ‘Keeping It Simple’ ensures our system is easily operable.


Project Completed: September 2015