Lifelong Learning Institute – WDA

The Lifelong Learning Institute has a new library located on level 3. With its array of books and multimedia materials set in a modern design it truly feels like a library of the future.

Upon entry to the libary, one cannot but notice the elevated video walls on the opposite end of the library. Each display comprise of 4 units of slim-bezel 46” full-HD monitor. These professional-grade monitors are meant to withstand long hours of play and built with energy saving features. Each set of video wall is connected to a dedicated digital signage player.  The player allows the user to determine the content, schedule and layout of the display. Powering the system when the library opens and shutting the system down when the library closes- automatically.

There is  a customised mobile kiosk with a 46” touch-sensitive display.

This system was completed in August 2014.

Our approach to system design is to always keep the user in mind. Our company’s motto ‘Keeping It Simple’ ensures our system is easily operable.